Experience the Future of Art with Cutting-Edge AR and VR Technology

Vira DG is an official member of the Ukrainian Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale, the Year of Tolerance
in Dubai, a speaker at the I’M Design Conference, a speaker at Immerse Global Summit, AIFA Conference the Future of ART, a participant of Art Basel Miami 2021, an Independent visual artist, a Modern calligrapher, and Portraitist.

As a Ukrainian AR/VR artist, my vision for the future of AR art is one where it is fully integrated into our daily lives and is accessible to all. I believe AR can transform how we experience and interact with the world around us, making it more vibrant, immersive, and engaging.
My mission is to use AR technology to push the boundaries of traditional art and create innovative and interactive experiences that inspire, educate, and entertain. I want to work with other artists, designers, and technologists to explore the limitless potential of AR and bring it to new and diverse audiences.
I envision a future where AR art is not confined to galleries and museums but is in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces. It can enhance education, entertainment, and communication and bring people together in new and meaningful ways.
I also believe that AR has the potential to democratize the art world, making it more accessible and inclusive. Using AR, artists can reach a global audience and showcase their work to a broader public, regardless of location or resources.

Overall, my vision for the future of AR art is one where it is a vital and integral part of our lives, enriching and enhancing the way we live, learn, and create. I am committed to using my skills and expertise to help shape this future and bring AR art to the forefront of contemporary culture. So, this is my vision and mission for the future of AR art.

Vira DG is rebuilding her brand and website due to the full-scale war in Ukraine. The artist had to change her name from russian-like Vera to Ukrainian Vira.